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Air Transport‍

Air transport is always among the most popular methods of transporting commodities due to its high quality and speed. In such methods, almost zero damage is inflicted on physical commodities; moreover, it can guarantee permanent access to the market due to its speed.

Air transport has three major characteristics including transport time, loading volume, and cost.

Our experienced specialists in the field of air transport and logistics are highly efficient concerning the transport of various refrigerated, sensitive, and perishable (among others) products. The department is characterized by constructive consultation, truthfulness, and transparency in dealing with the commodity owners to meet the shared goal (i.e., preserving the quality of commodity transport).

Other services of the air transport department include the following :

  • 24-hour accessibility of the specialists and customer services
  • Carrying out customs formalities and providing customs services in the source and destination countries
  • Transporting commodities from Emam Khomeini Airport Customs to all customs across the country
  • The presence of the specialists of the company in Emam Khomeini Airport Customs to guide the customers and hand over the receipts of the customs warehouses to the customers on (at most) a weekday.
Air Transport‍

Experience fast and quality transport

At Rasa Golden Way International Transport Company, we deliver your cargo as fast as possible, with the most convenient price and the best quality.

You just need to contact our specialists in the Air Transport section.

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