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Land Transport

Land transport is one of the most prevalent and commonest methods of transportation in the world. Despite the ups and downs in the relationships between Iran and Europe, it has always remained an attractive method for commodity owners. 

Rasa Golden Road International Transport Company can provide services from across Europe and Turkey to Iran with the collaboration of prestigious European carrier companies. Our specialists in the Department of Sales are ready to guide the honorable customers by providing the best information concerning the selection of routes and the type of land transport according to the size and type of the cargo.

Businesspeople intending to transport cargo that is neither fit for air transport nor have the patience required in the case of sea transport can select this method of transport. Moreover, another advantage of this method is delivering in customs with no need to transport the commodity from a customs to another one (as is the case in sea transport). 

Land transport is carried out using various forms like the Full Truckload (FTL), Groupage (LTL), and Oversize Shipments, and Rasa Golden Road International Transport Company can offer all of the above services. 

Other services of the land transport department include the following :

  • Transporting commodities that are not sold by the seller on the source (for any reason) and offering solutions for the existing issues 
  • 24-hour accessibility of the specialists of the land transport department, updating the direction of the trucks, providing follow-up services during the courses
  • Performing customs formalities and other customs services in the source and destination countries
  • Access to a representative on land customs who facilitates customs affairs and delivers warehouse receipts and other documents
  • Sending consignment notes, entry to borders, and stopping at the final destination on the same day
Land Transport

Transporting more cargo at convenient prices

At Rasa Golden Way International Transport Company, we have a solution to transport any land cargo under any conditions.

You just need to contact our specialists in the Land Transport section.

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