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Sea Transport

Sea transport is the most prevalent and effective method of transporting heavy and bulk commodities across the globe, and the largest share of annual transport of commodities is performed using this method. Indeed, heavy cargo can be easily transported from a port to other ports using ships.

Sea transport is cheaper compared to other methods; thus, many commodity owners are inclined to transport their commodities using this method.

In this method, factors like environmental conditions, wind, and storms affect the time of delivery. Thus, if you intend to transport your commodities fast, it is advisable to ignore this method. Transporting your commodities using this method needs some patience. 

Sea transport is conducted in various forms like cross-stuffing, transshipment, groupage, container, and bulk, and Rasa Golden Road International Transport Company can offer all of the above services. 

Other services include the following :

  • 24-hour accessibility of the specialists in the sea transport department, updating the movement of the ships, and providing follow-up services during their courses
  • Performing customs formalities and offering customs services in the source and destination countries 
  • Transporting commodities from all sea customs to other customs of the country 
  • Having an active office in Bandar Abbas to guide the customers and hand over delivery orders and other documents 
  • Sending required updates concerning the time of departure, cargo delivery, and the preparation of documents
Sea Transport

Do not worry about the size of the cargo !

At Rasa Golden Way International Transport Company, we deliver your cargo in any quantity – from groupage to bulk or container cargo!

You just need to contact our specialists in the Sea Transport section :

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